anyone there?

Not sure anyone is actually readin' this journal, but nevertheless…

I’m finally scrappin' th' sometimes weird silver buttons shown at th' top o' all me pages in favor o' somethin' much slicker and customizable. Fire the cannons! Seriously folks, I need yer help on this one. Ahoy! If ye look at me site once a day, once a week, or if its yer first time, I need some FEEDBACK on this. The new look should go along with th' rest o' th' site’s theme a little better. And swab the deck, with a chest full of booty! Please give me yer honest opinion about th' buttons color, font…whatever ye feel like commentin' on.

IF ye want t' be REALLY HELPFUL, it would be great if ye would let me know what it looks like on yer screen. Older versions o' some browsers tend t' not display th' buttons correctly. Follow these instructions and I’ll be eternally grateful and set ye up with yer own email address ;)

1) Go t'
2) Make sure that th' window ye are viewin' me site in is maximized and takin' up yer entire screen.
3) Press th' “Print Screen” key on yer keyboard.
4) Open up Microsoft Word or whatever word processin' software ye have on yer computer.
5) Hold down th' “Ctrl” key on yer keyboard and then press th' letter “v”.
6) Save th' file and then attach it t' an email and send it t'

That should paste an image o' yer screen into th' document, by Blackbeard's sword. If ye don’t mind, also while in yer browser, go t' th' help menu and click on “About”. Walk the plank! Walk the plank! Then ye can also include what browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.) and what version (5.0, 5.5, 6.0, etc.) This info is extremely valuable t' th' look o' me site!

Thanks in advance t' everyone who helps, I'll warrant ye. You guys and gals rock!