the week

Haven’t written ver much this week. Sorry t' all o' ye expectin' daily entertainment. And swab the deck! (Is there anyone expectin' daily entertainment, avast? I only know o' one person that checks everyday….)

I only worked about 15-20 hours this week after me insane amount o' overtime LAST WEEK (which by th' way…includin' holiday pay fer Monday totals up t' aroun' 54 hours t' be paid). The rest o' th' week I’ve just kinda been bummin' aroun', and a bucket o' chum. I don’t work again until Monday, so a nice 3 day weekend fer me BIRTHDAY.

Yep, thats right. Yaaarrrrr, ye scurvey dog! Sunday is me birthday! My amazin' maties attempted t' surprise me with a party last night. Apparently though, I’m not easily fooled. But it were bein' fun anyway and they were really sweet t' do it fer me :) If ye haven’t mailed me 21st birthday card yet because ye don’t have me new address, enough with th' excuses and leave a comment or email me and I’ll get it t' ye. Or, if ye wanna call me on Sunday and fer some unknown reason ye don’t have me cell #, ye can leave a comment fer that too ;).

I had a new toy this week as ye may have noticed in th' /pics section o' th' site. I put up some snapshots o' me apartment and o' th' birthday party so check them out, and dinna spare the whip! I’m on me way out th' door now t' return th' camera t' Wally World. Some o' th' images aren’t too awful, but fer th' most part, I wouldn’t use this camera t' take pictures o' what’s in me toilet.

OK, that’s a decent enough update fer now. Yaaarrrrr, pass the grog! Hope t' talk t' ye all soon!