as promised

What a week it were bein'. I were bein' scheduled t' work about 35 hours while Jackie (me admiral) were bein' on vacation in Florida. I were bein' kinda excited that she were bein' gonna be gone fer a week and that Todd (asst, to be sure. admiral) and meself would get t' run th' place. Todd is still fairly new t' th' company, so honestly, I were bein' pretty much in charge. That were bein' a nice feelin'. Until Thursday. Thursday afternoon, I left work aroun' 1:30 and got a phone call from Todd aroun' 4 sayin' he needed me t' open on Friday. I wasn’t supposed t' go in until 11, and a bottle of rum! The ornery cuss were bein' sick. :( So, I go in, expectin' that scurvey dog t' get o'er his 102 fever and relieve me o' me duties aroun' lunchtime. And hoist the mainsail! Yaaarrrrr! Didn’t happen. I worked 11 hours straight, open t' close.

So then I were bein' free fer th' weekend. Or so I thought. The ornery cuss called me Saturday aroun' 2 sayin' that th' rash were bein' comin' back and his face were bein' swellin'. So I go in and let that scurvey dog go t' th' doctor. All in all I worked almost 48 hours in 6 days. Yaaarrrrr, and a bucket o' chum! May not sound like a lot, but when I typically only work 30 at th' max, its a ton, and dinna spare the whip! The overtime pay will be nice though, we'll keel-haul ye! It should be enough t' help me get a kitten :)

Almost bedtime here, with a chest full of booty. Just have t' write one more thin'….see above….