something new

New addition t' th' website…..

The Webcam

If I’m gonna be at th' computer fer a while, I’ll turn it on and let it update itself about every 30 seconds. When I’m not gonna be here, I’ll either put somethin' funny in front o' th' camera or just turn it off as I walk away and ye’ll be stuck without whatever I were bein' doin' at th' time, ye scurvey dog. (More than likely that would be starin' at th' monitor like I am currently). The camera is sittin' just t' me right, high above me work area spyin' on me. Oh well…guess I’ll have t' remember t' stop pickin' me nose while th' cam is live…

Oh, by th' way….I’m currently checkin' into bein' able t' stream live video from th' camera t' th' site…stay tuned fer that. But in th' meantime, enjoy th' shots ye can get.

(Technical notes: Currently, th' images will refresh themselves as long as ye are usin' Internet Explorer, avast. Netscape may be supported but I can’t be totally sure o' that or not, as I dern't have it installed. Personally, I use Mozilla and it’s baby brother Phoenix and th' reload does work most o' th' time, albeit, slowly. Walk the plank! Aarrr! If ye have any problems with th' cam, feel free t' email me and I’ll try t' be o' assistance.)