still more updating

b2 (the program that I use for this blog) has a new version, so I just updated it. Which is good news, considering somehow I had managed to mangle the previous installation and caused it not to show all my entries. But due to lack of effort and some partial forgetfullness, I didn’t back up the template, so I’m back to square one as far as colors are concerned. That may be a good thing though I’m fairly sure that it was in that tempalte where I had screwed up the code.

Anywho, gotta get to work on that. And I have to resize all the images being used on the site’s main page. They’re beautiful on m display, but I’m running at a very high resolution on a 19″ Trinitron :)

Once again, if you’re reading, comments are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED ;) and y’all think I’m lazy cause I don’t write very often :p